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The New York Subliners are slowly inching their way towards a top-eight spot in the Call of Duty League standings; they’re currently sitting at 10th, just below the Florida Mutineers and Minnesota ROKKR. The three teams are separated by just 20 points as of the time of writing. In order for the Subliners to make the top eight in the standings (and subsequently the Champs bracket), they need a near-perfect run in Stage IV and at the Major IV tournament — a run they seem on track to make. Yesterday, they defeated the Florida Mutineers and today they defeated the LA Guerrillas, two teams that are in the Champs bubble.

NYSL has proven they can come alive when they need it the most. With a major on their home turf looming, they can make Champs as long as they keep winning matches; the momentum they gained from beating Florida was enough to get past LAG rather handily today. New York won the match against LAG by a score of 3-1 and looked quite strong while they did it — all they need is to keep the momentum up.

New York wins again against LAG

The first map was Hardpoint on Gavutu, and it looked like LA could make the match competitive at multiple points. However, LAG couldn’t keep up — NYSL locked the hill down, leading to the Subliners winning by nearly 150 points. NYSL’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter was on top of his game, going 23-18 and dealing the most damage in the lobby.

Following that was Desert Siege Search and Destroy, a map LAG did well in during their loss to Toronto yesterday. Today was a different story, however, as the Guerrillas had to come back to get the map to a round 11. The final round saw Cuyler “Huke” Garland in a 1v1 with Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez with the bomb planted at B. As time wound down, HyDra hid in a corner near the bombsite and Huke failed to check it as he raced to the bomb, leading to NYSL winning the map.

The Guerrillas held on in the map three, Berlin Control, winning by a score of 3-1. Kris “Spart” Cervante had his best map of the series, posting 33 kills and a 1.27 KD, giving LA their first Control win in 84 days. However, unfortunately for him and LAG, he would only post 18 kills in the following Hardpoint on Tuscan, which NYSL handily won to secure the match win. Every member of the New York Subliners went positive in the match, while only Huke finished with a 1.00 KD for LA.

LA drops to 0-2 in the qualifiers while the Subliners improve to 2-0 as they march toward a top-eight spot in the standings. Both teams will have another chance to secure valuable CDL points next weekend.