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In the third series of Sunday’s final Major II qualifier matches, the New York Subliners took on the Toronto Ultra and beat them 3-1. This puts New York into the winner’s bracket for the Major, while Toronto are in the eleventh seed.

New York Subliners advance to Major II winner’s bracket

The first game between New York and Toronto was CDL Harpoint on Berlin. The Subliners had an easy go of this map, taking it with an over 100 point lead, 250-113. Next up was CDL SND on Desert Siege, which actually went in Toronto’s favor. Clutch plays from the likes of Toronto’s Ben “Bance” Bance allowed them to take the Search and Destroy round. The Ultra managed to take this map from the Subliners 6-3, but it would be their only win of the series.

New York came out on top of the third map, CDL Control on Tuscan, but it was close. They closed things out with Toronto nipping at their heels 3-2. The fourth and final map of the series was CDL Hardpoint on Gavutu. Things were much more evenly matched here again, but the Subliners managed to come away with the win. They took this map 250-225 and secured their spot in the Minnesota ROKKR Major II on March 31.

New York seem excited to show off more of what they can do at the major, especially since they weren’t all apparently at their physical best for this series.

“Been sick the past few days, really happy with the squad for the perseverance we’ve had lately. Excited for the Major,” Travis “Neptune” McCloud tweeted after the game.

The New York Subliners will join the likes of OpTic Texas and the London Royal Ravens in Major II’s winner’s bracket, while the Toronto Ultra will have to fight their way back to the top from their current eleventh seed spot.

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