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The inaugural season for the Call of Duty League is coming to a close within the next few weeks. While the season was slightly derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic and some first-year issues, the CDL has been enjoyable to watch. However, one common complaint among fans and players is the 5v5 format rolled over from the 2019 season. Most agree that 10 players on a single map is too much and takes some strategy out of the game. Well, though it’s unconfirmed, Dillon “Attach” Price of the New York Subliners may have leaked that the CDL is planning to go 4v4 in 2021.

Attach hints at 4v4 returning for CDL 2021?

4v4 was the norm up until last year during Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It’s what many players and viewers grew up on and Call of Duty esports was based around that format. However, Black Ops 4 studio Treyarch wanted to change it up a bit and implemented 5v5 play.

While it was tolerated last year, the format simply doesn’t work well in Modern Warfare. Instead of tactical, planned out strategies, each map of a series is a jumbled pile of players running and gunning. This has led to a majority of the community requesting a return to 4v4 in Black Ops Cold War.

As previously stated, Attach may have hinted that this is the plan. Attach was recently streaming on Twitch and gave a cryptic answer to a comment in the chat. “All I need to count up to is five right now, and next year all I gotta count up to is four,” he said off-hand.

Obviously, there’s no way to tell whether or not Attach is telling the truth or joking around. Although, if any group of people was to know of next year’s plans, it would be the players. Of course, a return to 4v4 is arguably what’s best for gameplay but it also means that a lot of players will be out of a job. If 4v4 returns, then one player from every CDL team will need to be sent to the bench or released.

This could be countered with some expansion teams coming to the CDL in 2021, but there’s little evidence of that as of right now. We’ll simply have to wait until September when free agency opens up and see what organizations do.

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