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In recent weeks, players discovered that Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies is the best way to level up weapons. Since multiplayer and Zombies are linked, players can use a specific weapon in the undead mode to reap the rewards when playing online matches.

Last week, players found out that using a specific method in Zombies yields more weapon XP. The method essentially involves players only killing a specific amount of zombies and then leaving the match. While this is still a solid way of leveling up weapons, players discovered an even better method late last week. The new Zombies method allows players to completely level up a Vanguard weapon in just a couple of hours. Below, players can learn exactly how to do so.

Zombies trick allows Vanguard players to quickly level up weapons

In traditional multiplayer, it takes players around eight hours to fully max out a weapon. With Double XP tokens, this time is cut in half to about four to five hours. That’s a massive amount of time, and Double XP tokens, that players have to commit in order to max out weapon levels.

With the first Zombies method, this time was cut down by an hour or so. Of course, Double XP tokens were still needed, which some players don’t have access to. This spawned the newest method of Zombies weapon leveling in Vanguard, which was explained in-depth by a recent Reddit post.

The process is quite simple and doesn’t take but five to 10 minutes. Players first need to kill all of the starting area Zombies, which is usually around 10. Next, players must enter a Transmit portal, which spawns after players kill the first wave of the undead. In the portal, players will find an additional 20 or so Zombies, which they also need to kill.

Once all of the Zombies in the portal are dead, players can leave the match. In total, around 30 Zombies will have been killed, which rewards players with a copious amount of weapon level XP. If players continue doing this, they’ll max out a 70-level weapon in just about two to three hours without any Double XP tokens. With Double XP, players could max out a weapon in just under two hours if they’re efficient enough.