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There are two separate dog-related killstreaks in Call of Duty: Vanguard. The first is the Guard Dog, which is a simple six kills and releases a single dog to protect its user. The second is the much more powerful Attack Dogs, which players dread enemies calling in during a match. While the latter is a much stronger killstreak, the Guard Dog possesses a new glitch that makes it both confusing and dangerous.

The Guard Dog has two commands in Vanguard, both involving where it needs to go on the map. The first command is to patrol a set area and kill any enemy that happens to go near it. The second is to stay near the user who called it in. As it happens, the second command is causing a glitch in Vanguard that sees them fly through the air.

Guard Dog glitch in Vanguard

The glitch was first brought to the attention of players on reddit. The post has garnered over 100 upvotes and showcases a Guard Dog quite literally flying across the Demyansk map.

They Fly Now?
byu/Kmeek01 inCODVanguard

The user in the clip is sitting in the very top of the church on Demyansk, which dogs can inexplicably get into to kill players. However, that’s not even the strangest part of the clip. After the Guard Dog kills the player, they begin to fly across the map.

The user must have died near the church (which is why the dog was there) and then spawned on the other side of the map. To keep following its current command, the Guard Dog flew back to the other side of the map, where its user was.

This is presumably a glitch in Vanguard, as Guard Dogs shouldn’t be able to fly across the map in an instant. Sledgehammer Games hasn’t commented on the issue but the dog killstreaks in Vanguard, in general, seem to be more overpowered than players would like. Perhaps a nerf for the aggressive killstreaks are coming in a future update, like the upcoming Season 1 patch.

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