New VALORANT bug lets players ride Sova Recon Bolt
ride Sova recon bolt
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New VALORANT bug lets players ride Sova Recon Bolt

This new bug is incredibly entertaining
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

A new bug in VALORANT allows players to ride Sova’s Recon Bolt ability through the air. The mechanic is similar to rocket riding from the early days of Fortnite. If a player times their jump correctly, an ally Sova can shoot a Recon Bolt under them and launch them until the bolt lands. Sova players can also use to mechanic solo and launch themselves using a double bounce or just timing the landing of the bolt.

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Players will still experience fall damage if the bolt connects to a wall high enough. This bug is a part of a long history of weird utility and agent interactions. Cypher is the most common utility bug proponent. Back in VALORANT’s early days, players could ride Sova’s Recon Drone for a time before it was patched out. This mechanic falls under a similar category, as Riot Games will probably patch it out of the game. Players who use this mechanic in official tournament matches may also receive a penalty per Riot Games bug exploit rules.

How to ride a Sova Recon Bolt

The bug is fairly simple to execute. Players must find the right jump timing to pull it off with an ally Sova. As a solo Sova, players also must nail the timing. For the double bounce method, a solo Sova must jump before the ability is shot to land the right timing.

For the no bounce method, players just need to shoot the bolt at the ground and jump as they walk over the ability.

As of the time of publishing, this bug is still in the game. It’s probably best used as a way to rush opponents. Players can also use the bug to see over terrain if shot in a high enough arc across the map. However, the fall damage may make this a bit risky. As of now, the bug is an entertaining addition to VALORANT’s many bugged utility interactions.

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