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As the popular saying goes: one step forward, two steps back. That seems to perfectly embody what Call of Duty: Warzone has experienced since the arrival of Season 5. New bugs and glitches seem to arise on the daily even after Infinity Ward patched old ones out. A perfect example of this is with the recent demon-gun glitch. The developers issued a patch that got rid of the infamous bug, but now it seems another has popped up out of nowhere. It involves third-person mode and could either be a bug or a leak for a future feature.

Third-person mode in Warzone

Unlike previous glitches, this new bug doesn’t seem to be too widespread. There have been reports here and there of it popping up in Warzone matches, but only rarely. However, this is how glitches start the majority of the time. They go relatively undetected at first, then turn into community-wide issues that ruin Warzone. The gas mask glitch that recently made waves in the game is a prime example. Infinity Ward ignored it for some time because it wasn’t a popular issue, but now it is rampaging through the game.

In regards to this latest bug, it isn’t as game-breaking as the previously mentioned glitches. However, it is a bit of a nuisance and can get you killed in the right scenario. It appears that the glitch occurs when you enter and then leave a vehicle in succession. After you leave a vehicle, your point of view is turned from first-person to third-person.

Of course, we can’t be sure if this a merely a bug or a mistake by Infinity Ward. Perhaps the developers are working on a third-person mode and this bug is a result of that testing. We’ve seen battle royales implement both modes before, with PUBG being the most notable example.

Infinity Ward has yet to comment on the issue, so we can’t be sure of anything right now. We’ll keep you updated here at Daily Esports with any updates and all Warzone news.

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