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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been met with equal amounts of praise and disdain, and tomorrow’s update could be a make-or-break moment for a significant portion of the player base. Let’s focus on the reasons behind mixed emotions about this title and what this new update means for the game.

Maps without laning in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has received substantial criticism from fans and pros for its overall map design decisions. Call of Duty has traditionally followed a three-lane formula when it comes to map design, but Modern Warfare has strayed away from that. With tomorrow’s update, a new map is being added to the rotation that is supposed to fall in line with the old design style. A recent message in-game states that Shoot House will be, “a new three-lane Multiplayer map putting you in close quarter combat.” Also, there will be a Ground War map added called Krovnik Farmland.

Equipment meta is out of whack

Maps aside, the current meta for weapons and equipment in public matches is receiving the biggest criticism. Public matches promote slow, “campy” play with the ability to have three claymores a life and a .725 shotgun that can kill you from across the map, literally. Vague “tuning adjustments” are promised for the coming update, so hopefully this will improve the quality of public matches.

Yes, the gun in this clip is a shotgun.

Ok, 725 is the best sniper…
byu/TimbsB inmodernwarfare

Lacking game modes

Before Modern Warfare released, it was announced that Hardpoint and Capture the Flag would not be in the game at launch. This upset the community very. Hardpoint has been a staple game mode in the series for years and used in the professional scene. CTF has been in almost every boots-on-the-ground Call of Duty title. The strange thing about Hardpoint is that it was available in custom game modes at launch. Why wasn’t it in the rotation from the beginning? Either way, this is a welcome addition as this title seems lacking when it comes to number of game modes compared to previous titles.

Still, free content in Modern Warfare is good

Infinity Ward promised from the start there would be no paid DLC or loot boxes in this title. Now, two weeks after launch, they are already delivering on that promise. This is a welcome change and one that the community hopes will be the start of a trend for the Call of Duty series.

We’ll see if tomorrow’s update can become the start of updates that people are excited for as opposed to desperate for.