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With the official reveal of Modern Warfare multiplayer done, we are now receiving more and more information every day. The most recent of this new information comes from gaming magazine Game Informer. Every year, Game Informer obtains early access to the new Call of Duty for the cover of their magazine. As apart of this collaboration, GI gathers gameplay and information about the game.

In 2019, the September edition of Game Informer will feature Modern Warfare. However, prior to the September edition releasing, they uploaded full gameplay on a newer build of the game. In this gameplay, we learn about some previously unknown weapons and mechanics in Modern Warfare.

Two fan-favorite weapons return in Modern Warfare

Although there is already a multitude of beloved weapons, it seems there are more that have yet to be seen. In the multiplayer premiere, we saw weapons like the MP7, M4A1, Desert Eagle, and MP5 make their comeback to Modern Warfare.

While those are great by themselves, the more old school weapons the merrier. In screenshots captured by Game Informer, we can clearly see the return of the P90 and the FAL, both fan-favorites.

Modern Warfare P90
The P90 in the Modern Warfare Create-A-Class menu. Photo Credit to Game Informer and Charlie Intel
Modern Warfare FAL
The FAL can be seen at the bottom left of the screen. Photo Credit to Game Informer and Charlie Intel

Both the P90 and FAL have been in previous titles and were some of the most popular weapons in those games. It wouldn’t be a Modern Warfare title without the P90, as it’s been in every game in the series up to this point. The FAL was last seen in Black Ops 3 as a DLC weapon.

These weapons were not seen in the multiplayer premiere because the game was on an older build than the one Game Informer played on. Hopefully, come Open Beta time, we’ll be able to get our hands on even more classic weapons.

Mini-Map controversy takes a turn

Yesterday, we reported on the mini-map controversy that has the community buzzing. Many feel that not having a constant mini-map will hurt the flow and pace of Modern Warfare drastically.

However, thanks to Game Informer, we may have some alleviation to our concerns. In a screenshot of the Game Informer gameplay video, we can see an interesting mechanic being utilized.

Modern Warfare mini-map
An in-game screenshot of a teammate outline in Modern Warfare. Photo credit to Game Informer and Charlie Intel

Due to having no mini-map, except with an active UAV, players have no idea where their teammates are on the map. With this feature, it will make it easier to locate your teammates. This feature was not working as intended at the multiplayer premiere.

While this does help the mini-map issue, it by no means resolves it. Even with this mechanic, many still feel Infinity Ward should include a constant mini-map when the game fully launches on October 25.

What do you think about this new information? Let us know in the comments below, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.