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The Overwatch 2 development team played the new maps in the recent livestream, showcasing the new map and sound design. Alongside showing how the new 5v5 format of the game plays, this livestream also showed how development on new maps has gone since Overwatch 2’s reveal. This includes maps like Toronto, Rio and more recently announced maps like New York, Monte Carlo and Rome.

“Race toward the Monte Carlo finish line in Overwatch 2. Points of interest: Auto Pilot Cars, Sparkles, Flying Yachts,” the Overwatch account tweeted.

New maps with live gameplay

Though new maps were showcased at BlizzCon earlier this year, this livestream gave fans another look. One, in particular, is Monte Carlo, a brand new Escort map. The designers and artists ran a fun quick-play-esque game to show off the map. Monte Carlo and the other maps shown look not only detailed, but also have that trademark futuristic Overwatch style.

Fitting for an Escort map, players help guide a sports car to a final destination. Teams fight against each other on offense and defense to either guide the car or stop it. In Monte Carlo, the narrow streets and bridges create a lot of interesting areas for eventual fights.

Rio, one of the maps played in the recent Overwatch 2 livestream
Photo provided by Activision Blizzard | One of the new Overwatch 2 maps, Rio

Like Monte Carlo, Rio is an Escort map as well. The favelas introduce a lot of high ground for teams to roam around in, creating a very unique map style.

New York was also played live, a Hybrid map that sent players around the iconic city as their favorite heroes. Meanwhile, Rome was finally revealed as a Push map – making it the second Push map announced so far. Alongside the Toronto map, this new game mode will replace Assault from the original Overwatch. The reimagining of the Roman Coliseum really lends to this game mode, as you push a robot in and out of the historic landmark.

The development team highlighted how early the development still is, which means there are more maps on the way.