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Brand new details surrounding the upcoming Call of Duty franchise league were disclosed to esports insider Richard Lewis. The new league is set to begin after the release of Modern Warfare, but nothing official has been announced up to this point. However, Lewis has obtained part of the full deck of details for the Call of Duty league.

This information was given through undisclosed insider sources and must be treated as a rumor, but it does appear to be legitimate and offer some fascinating insights into Activision’s next venture with COD. Here’s all of the intel that we have so far about the league.

Financial details released for the Call of Duty League

While there is still plenty unknown with the COD league, we do have some figures that give us a better understanding of how things will work. According to Lewis’ story, the league will begin in January of 2020, over two months after Modern Warfare launches.

Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare is slated to launch on Oct. 25 worldwide.

The league will run from January to July, though we still don’t know how many teams are included. There are eight cities so far, but we currently don’t know if that number will increase or not. However, Activision is hoping to expand to 28 teams in the future. This could mean well over eight teams will be in the inaugural season.

In terms of finances, it’s reported that Activision believes these team slots will be worth $45M in approximately 10 years. While that figure seems high, if the COD league is successful, $45M should be reasonable.

What will the teams in the league look like?

As for the actual rosters in the COD league, Lewis reports that each team will be required to carry 7-10 players. We still don’t know how the extra players will be utilized, whether it be for substitutions or content creation. Modern Warfare will likely be played with 4-5 players for competition.

However, each player will be paid a salary of at least $50,000, not including any winnings. The salary will be paid by the organization directly to each member of the team. In regards to prize money, at least half must go to the players, but it’s up to the organization to split the money up.

Call of Duty League
MLG Open Events will most likely cease to exist in Call of Duty with the new league forming.

Last but not least, each member of the team will be signed to a “standard contract.” This most likely references the ongoing debacle in the Fortnite community regarding unfair contracts. Hopefully, the COD league will handle that part of the business better than Fortnite organizations.

If you would like, you can read the rest of Richard Lewis’ story, though we covered the major points. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any other news about the Call of Duty league!