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It seems the Parisian Overwatch League team is revealing the whole roster slowly but surely tonight. The Paris Eternal have signed Spanish main support Alberto “neptuNo” González and German flex support Emir “Kaan” Okumus. After a long, quiet time, the Paris Eternal have revealed six players on their 2021 roster. This is the second post of three, this one focusing on these two support players joining Paris. However, the third post will contain how these players fit and if they would work together. But, for this post, a great veteran and an underrated prospect are now part of the only European team in the league.

Neptuno’s past

For avid viewers of the Overwatch League, you remember Neptuno from his time on the Philadelphia Fusion. His time on Mercy was memorable, and it led to a grand finals appearance in their first season. Even after losing, he stayed on the roster for the GOATs meta. He proved to be very reliable in that role as well, but the team wanted to upgrade for their third season. This led to his release from the Fusion and pickup by the Guangzhou Charge. While playing for them in 2020, he did reach the title over Shanghai in the Summer Showdown, but that was all. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay on the Charge, but Paris saw the opportunity. He was picked up as the key veteran to help younger players like Kaan and Nikolai “Naga” Dereli.

Kaan’s past

As a prospect, Kaan spent most of his time playing for European contenders team Young and Beautiful. While on that roster, he helped them reach two finals appearances against powerhouse British Hurricane. The team never beat them, but Kaan eventually moved to Obey Alliance. Alongside teammate Naga, he finally overcame the best team and won the championship. Primarily an Ana and Zenyatta player, his skills and survivability helped lead Obey to this crucial victory. Plus, his flexibility on Moira helped them in crucial strategies. As a relatively new player to the competitive scene, it’s interesting to see Kaan pair up with a veteran like Neptuno for next season with the Paris Eternal.