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The third event of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 took place May 8 – May 9 and saw Alan “Nephew” Sun take first place. The Street Fighter V tournament was the third Capcom Pro Tour event of the year. The top three was rounded out by Mia “IQ | Mira” Reshel taking second and Putthivath “Samurai” Chea placing third. With his victory in this tournament, Nephew has punched his ticket to Capcom Cup next year.

Nephew takes on the Capcom Pro Tour

The event drew 173 competitors from the North America West region, including Canada. Mexico is a part of the Central America region, however. Nephew won eight straight sets, playing a perfect tournament. He used Kolin throughout. Nephew picked up the win in Grand Finals over Reshel with a perfect 3-0 set. He had previously sent Reshel to the losers bracket in Winners Finals. The only match in the top eight that Nephew lost was in Winners Semifinals when he went 3-1 against Christopher “ChrisCCH” Hancock. Nephew joined the commentary team after the Grand Finals to give some remarks about the tournament.

“Coming into top eight at least I felt very confident,” Nephew said. “The people in winners semis were all people I felt confident against. There were only really like five players who I was concerned about in the tournament.”

This is not Nephew’s first time winning this tournament. Last year he won the North America West 1 tournament for the 2020 Capcom Pro Tour. He also won the 2020 Finals for North America West. Because of the complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Capcom Cup was canceled last year. This will be Nephew’s first year among the 32 elite Street Fighter V players that make up the Capcom Pro Tour bracket.

The Capcom Cup Roster

The competitors for the next Capcom Cup are shaping up to be very interesting. Central America West 1 winner David “RH | MJ_Gama” Gamaliel Pinedo Gomez has also never placed into Capcom Cup before. The change in format for the Capcom Pro Tour this year is allowing for new blood to fight for the title of the best Street Fighter V player in the world instead of more established players who are able to travel to more tournaments and rack up more points.

The next event in the Capcom Pro Tour will be Asia East 1 from May 15 – May 16. This event will feature players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.