NBA player Josh Hart destroys keyboard during Modern Warfare stream
Josh Hart Call of Duty: modern warfare

NBA player Josh Hart destroys keyboard during Modern Warfare stream

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Raging and video games go hand and hand, and even professional athletes aren’t immune. Recently, professional basketball player Josh Hart of the New Orleans Pelicans had a true gamer rage moment while streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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This clip from Twitch user synaptogenesis shows Josh Hart dying in Hackney Yards during a round of Search and Destroy while playing Call of Duty. Hart then proceeds to get up, slam his keyboard on the ground, and stomp on it. This incident occurred just five minutes into his stream.

Hart handled the situation as well as anyone, however, pulling out another keyboard and continuing the stream as normal. The NBA player went on to win several games during the stream with his teammates.

Who is Josh Hart?

Josh Hart is a professional basketball player who plays as a guard or a forward for the New Orleans Pelicans. He previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers but was traded to New Orleans in the blockbuster trade that brought superstar Anthony Davis over to Los Angeles.

Hart definitely isn’t a generational talent, but he has proven to be a solid player over the years. He has been streaming regularly during the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA, along with other sports leagues, is shut down in America, giving players an ample amount of free time. It is generally fairly easy for these players to draw in followers given their fame and success as players.

Hart surely isn’t a professional Modern Warfare player, but slamming his keyboard might prove to be a good move, as the clip quickly went viral. This will likely make more gamers aware of his stream and net him more viewers. Rage is certainly entertaining for those who aren’t experiencing it. Hopefully for Josh Hart, he is able to contain his rage to gaming and not take it to the court.