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It has been a rough start in the past two days for North America’s League of Legends team. TSM, FlyQuest, and Team Liquid have yet to count a victory since the start of the Worlds group stage, while others earn their wins. For the League Champions Korea, Gen.G, and Damwon Gaming are having a great time showing determination, and slowly but surely, the LPL is working their way to the top. Mirroring the Play-In stage last week, this year’s World Championship may result in unpredictable and shocking comebacks, and fans are eager for what’s to come.

A rough start to Worlds

The first two days of the 2020 World Championship arrived as a disappointment to NA fans. TSM lost to Fnatic, as they found themselves in deep gold and kill deficiency with barely any objectives captured. Top Esports steamrolled FlyQuest, pushing ahead with an over 14 thousand gold difference. Fans cheered for NA to come back the next day, but the top LCS teams couldn’t come back from the shocking losses. TSM once again suffered a huge loss against Gen.G as LCK fans excitedly cheered for their second win of the week. As they stay at the top rank of Group C, PCS’s Machi X dominated against Team Liquid, NA’s Play-In team that managed to earn their way into the bottom of Group A.

While the LCS is struggling in groups, the LPL is showing some big improvements. In Day two’s games, Fnatic fought hard against Play-In team LGD Gaming. Unfortunately for the LEC, Fnatic couldn’t keep up with LGD’s map control as their mid-laner Su “xiye” Han-Wei, as Ekko, ended the game with the most kills in the match. Another LPL team, JD Gaming, won a game against PCS team PSG Talon. Although PSG had a great experience in the Play-In stage, being the first to qualify for groups, they found themselves faltering at the start of the main event. JD managed to sweep PSG off the rift with 17 kills and plenty of objectives. Meanwhile, PSG had a tough time as they couldn’t control their own lanes or team fights. The match ended in 23 minutes, giving LPL the momentum they need to continue pushing forward.

A long way to go

It’s still too early to tell which teams could make it to the knockout stage from the Worlds group stage. PSG Talon had a leg up during Play-Ins and was an unstoppable force. Once the main event kicked in, they lost their balance after switching out their subs for the original players. NA fans are still rooting for their region to move forward, but these losses definitely won’t make it an easy thing to do. Until then, stick with Daily Esports for coverage on the 2020 World Championship series.