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Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: East Coast VII on June 13. It was his fifth consecutive victory at an online Melee tournament and his fourth victory of the East Coast series.

To start the bracket, n0ne earned a flawless 2-0 victory against Jacob Maher. However, the competition quickly heated up, as he went to game five against Angel “FLiiNcHy” Cruz. Despite the close call, n0ne still beat FLiiNcHy 3-2 and advanced into top 8.

In Winners Semis, n0ne earned a dominant 3-0 win over Austin “Reeve” Reed. Then in Winners Finals, he narrowly earned another 3-2 win, this time against Kevin Maples. Nevertheless, n0ne’s tournament run ended on another dominant note. He beat “bobby big ballz” 3-0 in order to win Rona Rumble: East Coast VII.

Other results from Rona Rumble: East Coast VII

Last week, Kevin Maples went 1-2 at his first Rona Rumble, suggesting online tournaments were not his forte. However, he returned much stronger this week, placing 3rd at East Coast VII. In the process, Kevin Maples defeated Nick “R&R” Downey, bobby big ballz, and Drew “Drephen” Scoles.

Likewise, FLiiNcHy had a rather unexpected 4th place finish at this event. In pools, he upset Kevin “Bones” Emm and put up a strong performance against n0ne. In the main bracket, FliiNcHy eliminated R&R, Rhodes “Joyboy” Sabangan, and Drephen.

Rona Rumble results from around the world

On the same day as East Coast VII, Steven “Blues Clues” Joseph won Rona Rumble: Mid-South IV. This marked his first tournament victory of the Rona Rumble series. Blues Clues defeated players like Jon “Jonjon” A., Caleb “Reesch” S., and Jonathan [email protected]@rsh” Henson.

Then on June 14, bobby big ballz won Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: Midwest IV. Amazingly, bobby big ballz did so despite losing to “Flip” in his very first set of the tournament. He reached top 4 by eliminating Anthony “Preeminent” Braun, Christian “Amida” Durham, Daniel “DannyPhantom” Durant Schultz, and R&R. From there, bobby big ballz beat Christopher “Ober” Rodbourne and n0ne, along with double-eliminating Ben Strandmark. Notably, he ended n0ne’s tournament win streak.

Finally, Colin “Colbol” Green won Rona Rumble: Southeast IV on June 14. His run included wins over Will “Beeftip” DePue, “htwa”, Albert “A Rookie” Suafa, and Michelangelo “Blea Gelo” Greco.