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Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: East Coast IV on May 23. He also finished in 2nd place at Rona Rumble: Midwest earlier the same day. Prior to these events, he had never reached Grand Finals at one of Brandon “homemadewaffles” Collier’s Rona Rumble netplay tournaments.

In his East Coast bracket, n0ne predictably advanced out of pools with 2-0 wins over “Don” and Kundan “FRO116” Chintamaneni. Then in Winners Quarters, n0ne beat Michael Rollberg 3-1. He proceeded to beat Arjun “lloD” Malhotra 3-0 and Avery “Ginger” Wilson 3-1 in top 8. After scoring another 3-1 win over lloD in Grand Finals, n0ne became the Rona Rumble: East Coast IV champion.

In his Midwest bracket, n0ne beat Anthony “Preeminent” Braun and Ben Strandmark before dropping a set to Jeffrey “Kuyashi” Luce. Then in the losers bracket, he eliminated Anees “Free Palestine” Assaf and won his runbacks against Ben and Kuyashi 3-0. Finally, n0ne took a set off of Ginger before losing to Ginger 2-3 in the second set of Grand Finals.

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lloD had a respectable run to 2nd place at Rona Rumble: East Coast IV. He defeated Mike “SnooSnoo” Marcon, Kevin “Bones” Emm, and Kalindi “KJH” Henderson before n0ne sent him to the losers bracket. lloD went on to beat Matt “Polish” Warshaw, Zain Naghmi, and Ginger before losing another set to n0ne.

Zain was unable to pull off a repeat tournament victory with Roy at Rona Rumble: East Coast IV. Nevertheless, he placed a respectable 4th under the “DontTestMe” moniker. Zain defeated Kuyashi, Austin “Reeve” Reed, and Rishi Malhotra (who played Marth, Donkey Kong, and Young Link throughout their set). Meanwhile, he lost close five-game sets to Ginger and lloD.

Results from Rona Rumbles around the world

On May 22, Johnny “S2J” Kim won Rona Rumble: West Coast X. In doing so, he became the first player in the series to win three consecutive tournaments in their region. S2J defeated Weston “Westballz” Dennis, Steven “FatGoku” Callopy, and Zaid “Spark” Ali.

As previously mentioned, Ginger won Rona Rumble: Midwest over Rona: Rumble East Coast IV champion n0ne. Ginger also beat Travis “Travioli” Porter, Omar “Heartstrings” Rifai, and Kuyashi. This event marked the debut of the Midwest branch of the Rona Rumble series.

The southern branch of this series recently split into two separate tournaments: Southeast and Mid-South. Both events took place on May 24. Colin “Colbol” Green won Rona Rumble: Southeast, beating Joseph “Savestate” El-Khouri, Michelangelo “Blea Gelo” Greco, Kyle Krudo, and Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl. Jeffrey “billybopeep” Palmer won Rona Rumble: Mid-South, defeating Aaron “ALP” Espinoza and Edgar “Tirno” Handal.