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Players have confirmed that mysterious star-like objects are now appearing on Valorant maps after Patch 2.03 went live on Wednesday, leading up to the release of Agent 15.

The next Valorant Agent, Agent 15, will release at the beginning of episode two, act two, in early March. Players have begun spotting early teasers for the new agent; gaseous star-like objects are appearing on maps. These objects closely resemble the player card reward for completing Tier 38 of the current Battle Pass.

These pseudo-stars on the map are also similar to the footprints that began appearing prior to Yoru’s official reveal. It turns out that the footprints were Yoru’s decoy ability, where he sends out a set of tracks that make fake footstep noises to deceive opponents. These star-like objects appear to be another teaser representing one of Agent 15’s abilities.

Valorant fans have begun to speculate on what the stars might end up being connected to. Valor Leaks tweeted, “Embers have started to appear on different maps. These embers are also similar to Tier 38 on the Battle Pass. Wonder what these Embers do?”

Another popular leaker, Cynprel, tweets, “Agent Teaser Found! Haven Defender Spawn! Seems to match the theme of the R4kiya player card! Hayley from Discord found it! #VALORANT.”

Valorant Agent 15 is a Controller

On Friday, in a State of Agents post, Riot revealed that Valorant Agent 15 will be a Controller. Controller agents excel at locking down areas with abilities that help control vision. The game currently has three Controllers: Brimstone, Omen and Viper. Riot has stated that the next Agent will appeal to “galaxy brain” players with unique abilities.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for these mysterious objects for the next few weeks before the current act ends. Also, stay on the lookout for more information about Agent 15 coming soon.

Other Patch 2.03 Changes

Be sure to check out all the other changes Patch 2.03 brought to Valorant on Wednesday. There are changes to guns like the Stinger and the Frenzy, as well as big Agent changes to Reyna and several other agents.