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MW3 Season 2 is officially on its way, and we’ve got all the details on when it releases and what’s in it, including new 6v6 multiplayer maps, and a new mode called Hordepoint.

Long gone are the days of DLC packs in Call of Duty. Instead, each new release is divided into seasons, which each bring new content to CoD’s latest multiplayer installment, as well as the always-popular battle royale Warzone.

Here’s when the new seasonal update for MW3 and Warzone releases, and when Season 1 is set to come to a close.

When does MW3 Season 1 end?

MW3 and Warzone Season 1 ends on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. We know this because the season’s Battle Pass expires on that day. So, if you haven’t unlocked all the items yet, or are looking to move up a few more Skill Divisions in Ranked Play, now is the time to get grinding.

Screenshot from Warzone 2, which players can download as of November 16.
Season 2 is expected to be full of updates. Image via Infinity Ward

MW3 Season 2 release date?

MW3 and Warzone Season 2 releases on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. This was confirmed by the official Call of Duty X account, which posted the date alongside key art for both MW3 and Warzone’s new season.

The MW3 key art features Ghost, holding a weapon. It seems like the skin he’s wearing is almost on fire, with blue and purple flames floating into the air.

MW3 Season 2: New Multiplayer maps

The new Modern Warfare 3 season will introduce three new 6v6 multiplayer maps to the game:

  • Stash House: Set in a neighborhood, players will battle through a safehouse.
  • Vista: A building complex found in the mountains, complete with palm trees and multiple buildings.
  • Departures: Set in an airport, but seemingly not Terminal.

There is also a new War Mode map, called Operation Tin Man. These maps will likely be spread across the initial Season 2 patch and the Reloaded patch, so don’t expect them all at once.

MW3 Season 2: The Walking Dead and Hordepoint

As always, Call of Duty has teamed up with a major pop-culture hit, with The Walking Dead coming to MW3 as part of Season 2. Both Rick Grime and Michonne will become playable Operators this season, and there will likely be a special event to celebrate the release of spinoff The Ones Who Live.

On top of that, a new mode named Hordepoint is also slated for this season. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about it past the inclusion of Zombies, but expect more details before the seasonal update drops.

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