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Antony “MuteAce” H won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at DreamHack Dallas 2019 on June 2. As a B tier event, DreamHack Dallas Smash Ultimate is MuteAce’s best tournament win to date. In April, he won Overlords of Orlando: Ultimate Edition, a C tier event.

MuteAce was upset by Rayed “ARMY” Mohammed in Winners Quarters, causing him to drop down into the losers bracket. However, he began to claw his way through losers upon making it into top 8. He made it into top 4 by defeating Rashad “AvoiD” Sahadat and Austin “Awestin” Cornelius.

In Loser Semis, MuteAce won his rematch set against ARMY. From there, he proceeded to defeat Eric “ESAM” Lew and double eliminate Jason “ANTi” Bates in order to win the whole tournament. MuteAce won every single set he played in top 8 with a 3-1 game count.

Other results from DreamHack Dallas Smash Ultimate top 8

ANTi’s 2nd place finish in DreamHack Dallas Smash Ultimate was very impressive considering his shaky results thus far in Ultimate. ANTi made it to Grand Finals on winners side with upsets over Jestise “MVD” Negron, Awestin, and ESAM. His only losses at the event were to MuteAce. Though he has yet to match the success he had in Smash 4, ANTi’s performance at DreamHack Dallas suggests he has what it takes to return to the top of the rankings.

The hometown hero award for the DreamHack Dallas Smash Ultimate event undoubtedly goes to ARMY. Not to be confused with Melee player Armand “ARMY” Del Duca, ARMY is currently ranked No. 5 in Texas and No. 2 in Dallas/Fort Worth. At this tournament, he placed 4th by defeating Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland, MuteAce, and Griffin “Fatality” Miller.

MVD underperformed as the first seed at DreamHack Dallas 2019, much like his Combo Breaker 2019 performance one week prior. Here, he placed 7th after losing to ANTi and Fatality. MVD considered a lack of match-up knowledge to be his downfall in his sets in DreamHack Dallas Smash Ultimate Singles.