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The content embargo for Call of Duty: Vanguard has lifted and players can now see everything the game has to offer. One of the more intriguing aspects of any new Call of Duty title is its selection of camos. In CoD: Vanguard, there are 206 total camos across multiplayer and Zombies, including six mastery camos that players can unlock through some serious grinding.

Mastery camos in Vanguard

Unlocking camos in both Zombies and multiplayer works the same way in Vanguard as it has in previous years. Players will start at weapon level 1 and they’ll need to rank it up to level 70 in order to be able to unlock its mastery camos. Along the way, players will unlock new camo patterns with their own set of challenges every 10 weapon levels.

For example, once players reach level 20 on the STG44, they’ll unlock a new pattern with 10 options. Those camos are unlocked by completing specific challenges for that pattern. This is the same for all 70 weapon levels on any gun in Vanguard multiplayer and Zombies.

Once players have unlocked all the camos from each pattern for a weapon, they’ll unlock Gold/Golden Viper camo. Gold is for standard multiplayer while Golden Viper is for Zombies.

After Gold is complete on a weapon, players can then move on to unlocking Diamond/Plague Diamond. This mastery camo is unlocked by earning Gold camo on every weapon in a specific class. So, once players have unlocked Gold on all assault rifles, they’ll unlock Diamond/Plague Diamond.

Finally, once players unlock Diamond for all weapon classes, including launchers and melee tools, they’ll unlock Atomic/Dark Aether. Atomic for multiplayer is a Damascus-like camo (akin to Modern Warfare) that’s animated with bright colors, while Dark Aether for Zombies is a green and black animated camo. Both mastery camos look stunning in CoD: Vanguard and should be well worth the grind for any players who want to unlock all camos.

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