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Day 2 of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble stage gave fans some juicy matchups, including the highly anticipated fifth matchup between G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses. Oh, and I guess T1 played against Royal Never Give Up. Here are all the top moments from the day’s games at MSI 2022.

Player of the day: RNG GALA

It might be getting old at this point seeing Royal Never Give Up’s Chen “GALA” Wei in the player of the day section, but how could it be anyone else? The dude is very obviously the best bot laner at this tournament. With one (two?) pentakills already in the tournament, GALA almost landed another one against the supposed best team in the entire tournament, T1.

Pitted against what many people would call the best bot lane in the world, GALA absolutely dumpster them. GALA, on his signature Kai’Sa, was untouchable in RNG’s win against T1 — and he went 12/0/6 on it. Plus, in the final fight of the game, GALA captured a quadra kill.

GALA is definitely giving Rasmus “caPs” Winther a run for the MSI 2022 MVP award.

Most memorable moment: Shogun Vladimir

Many ankles have been broken on the rift at MSI 2022, especially when caPs is playing like prime Allen Iverson. Yet despite some spicy picks, there haven’t been any ankles broken during champion selection. However, in the final game of the day between Saigon Buffalo and G2, SGB showed they can ball in the draft.

With the final two picks for their comp, SGB locked in Vayne and Vladimir, which were obviously for bot laner Nguyễn “Shogun” Văn Huy and top laner Lâm Huỳnh Gia “Hasmed” Huy, respectively. G2 thought they had the easy counter pick and locked in Sion for Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik.

That’s when SGB stunned everyone by flexing the Vladimir bot lane, giving Hasmed one of the biggest counter picks in the entire game with Vayne going against Sion. It was a masterclass in drafting. Too bad they lost anyway, but it was nice to see SGB try and make the game exciting.

Best quote: Top Diff

RNG picked up their best win so far at MSI 2022 with their victory over T1. However, RNG’s top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin absolutely tried his hardest to be the secret agent for T1 going 2/7 on Camille and making multiple questionable decisions throughout the game. With that said, RNG won the game anyway and, just like in solo queue games, it’s always a top gap, baby.

Best clip: Wombo Combo

G2 have been a highlight reel machine this entire tournament, and now EG fans have yet another sick clip that will be burned into their memory.

What’s next at MSI 2022?

Day 3 of the MSI 2022 rumble stage kicks off on Sunday in the early morning for western fans. Still, the messed-up sleep schedules are worth it thanks to another slate of banger matchups. EG will have their first shot at T1 and then the second round-robin begins with RNG getting their rematch against G2. Matches start at 4 a.m ET.

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