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The Call of Duty Zombies community couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming week. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is releasing tomorrow and that means more COD Zombies maps and Easter eggs to solve. Luckily, the Easter egg steps have been locked until November 13, so no spoilers can tarnish the experience. However, before any of that occurred, a scandal involving two YouTubers rocked the community. Jon “MrDalekJD” Hutchinson, a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, was caught red-handed stealing a smaller channel’s COD Zombies content word for word.

MrDalekJD steals another YouTuber’s Zombies content

One of the most popular Call of Duty Zombies creators in the world, MrDalekJD is widely respected on YouTube. His content has focused largely on Easter eggs, custom maps, and other Zombies content for several years.

However, there’s always been a shroud over the creator’s head. In the past, he’s been accused of stealing the work of other YouTubers. While nothing really came of these accusations, that all changed when a channel by the name of SuggestiveGaming uploaded a Twitter clip.

The clip showcases their and MrDalekJD’s recent videos going over the entire Black Ops Zombies storyline. Although, what we find is that the Zombies creator copied SuggestiveGaming’s script for the video nearly word for word. SuggestiveGaming uploaded their video a day before MrDalekJD did, which gave the bigger YouTuber a chance to steal the script.

When SuggestiveGaming caught onto this, they uploaded the clip that proves MrDalekJD stole the content. Obviously, when a huge YouTuber gets caught up in something like this, the news tends to spread fairly quickly. After trying to resolve the problem off social media, MrDalekJD instead issued a formal apology to SuggestiveGaming on Twitter.

Along with the apology, the Zombies YouTuber deleted his copied video. SuggestiveGaming responded to the apology in kind, saying “Thank you for publicly acknowledging and apologizing for this. This type of behavior isn’t conducive for quality content to be produced and succeed on the platform. I ask that you, and your fan base, continue to hold you accountable, and you do better in the future.”

While it’s not right to steal content in the first place, SuggestiveGaming was seemingly more upset over the lack of credit. MrDalekJD didn’t give any credit to the smaller YouTuber in his now-deleted video. Instead, he simply took the script, copied the editing style, and uploaded it to his channel.

However, in the end, MrDalekJD did own up to his actions. Now, the biggest question is can he stay true to his word?

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