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We got some more card previews for the next Legends of Runeterra set, Monuments of Power, and they are all for the Targon region. It looks like every region will get its own landmark revealed by the time the new expansion releases next week. While yesterday’s landmark reveal was a bit middle of the road, today’s reveal has an exciting new ability for Legends of Runeterra.

The Targon region’s landmark is called “Star Spring.” It costs 2 mana and has the effect “Round Start: Heal damaged allies 1. Then, once I’ve seen you heal 22+ damage from allies, you win the game.” Instant win, or “Exodia” effects, are always fun to see in card games and this is certainly an interesting one. Keep in mind that the landmark must be on the field while you heal that 22 damage from your allies. This will be important for a card we discuss in a bit. Thankfully you don’t have to heal from 22 different allies, so each point of healing a card gets will work towards the goal of 22. I have a feeling we will see a lot of this card down the line.

Next is Divergent Paths, a 3 drop fast speed spell that says, “Draw a landmark or destroy a landmark.” One of the biggest questions that were asked when landmarks were revealed was how they could be interacted with. As of now, this is the first card we have seen that can directly target landmarks and it is region-specific. This makes playing Star Spring against a fellow Targon region deck very dangerous as they can very easily destroy your landmark before you can hit that magic 22 number. It is also good on offense, especially if you only run one type of landmark, as then you will know exactly what you’ll draw every time.

The best defense is a good offense

Spring Guardian is a 3 drop unit with 3/3 and the effect “When I’m summoned, create a ‘Spring Gifts’ in hand.” Spring Gifts is a 1 drop slow speed spell that fully heals an ally. These two cards are definitely meant to be used with Star Spring and it is easy to see why. Knowing this card exists puts extra pressure on your opponent to not leave any of your units alive, especially the big ones. Dealing only 9 damage to a 10 health unit means that with one Spring Guardian, you can reach almost half of Star Springs goal of 22 for 4 mana. A great support card for a very interesting landmark.

We will see more reveals the rest of this week and next as we get closer to the October 14 release date of the Monuments of Power expansion for Legends of Runeterra.

Monuments of Power
Thank you to @KozmicPlays on Twitter for the preview snapshot