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Exclusive Legendary Halloween skin revealed

Recently the Swamp Monster Doomfist skin was released. Now it’s time for the next hero. The latest installment to the Overwatch Halloween team is Moira’s spooky makeover.

Banshee Moira joins Swamp Monster Doomfist as the next legendary skin released for Halloween Terror 2018. This skin really brings out Moira’s dark side. As many fans know, Moira worked undercover on some shady experiments. Her work on genetics raised many questions about ethics and morals. She pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. There where no boundaries when scientific progress was at stake.

Moira’s Halloween skin plays on this gloomy background. Banshees come from Irish folklore, and the term is often loosely translated to “fairy woman.” But it’s not the kind of vibrant fairies you’d see in Disney movies. The fairy of the banshee refers to a woman who hails death, painted with a ghastly expression and usually dressed in white. The description fits Moira’s nature perfectly. Her new skin is sure to make any enemies shudder.

Moira’s skin will be released alongside other Halloween skins when the event kicks off on Oct 9. Make sure you log into your Overwatch account during the promo period for your loot box and other fun in-game events.

Halloween Terror

As with all previous Overwatch events, old Halloween skins will be available to purchase. Previous skins will cost you 1,000 credits, and new skins will be 3,000. Junkenstein’s Revenge is confirmed for 2018. The game mode will reappear for the duration of Halloween Terror. Heroes must battle waves of enemies in order to protect their castle, but only certain heroes are available. It’s one of the most grueling modes in terms of time. Your team must fight off Reaper, Roadhog, Junkrat, Symmetra, and Mercy. Combine that with zombies, and it’s an all-out Halloween festival as all heroes are donned in their classic Halloween getups. The game mode is a reference to Frankenstein. Even some of the narration combines elements of Mary Shelly’s book with the futuristic cast of Overwatch.

It’s time to bring back the Terror for 2018. You don’t want to miss out on the epic costumes available this year.