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The Call of Duty League officially began yesterday, and to celebrate, Infinity Ward released new CDL team skins in Modern Warfare. There’s a cosmetic bundle for each organization, each of which comes with nine total items. Included in those items are two different character outfits that players can equip on any Operator. There’s a primary and alternate version in each bundle that features the logo and color wave of the specific team.

However, the outfits also come with an unexpected feature, as some players found out yesterday. On a certain Operator, an invisibility glitch pops up for the player wearing the outfit.

Invisible players in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has not been short on bugs and glitches since its release in October. In fact, this entry in the Call of Duty series may feature the most bugs we’ve ever seen. It seems whenever Infinity Ward fixes one issue, another immediately arises.

This latest bug has to do with the new CDL team skins, which were released yesterday and cost $10. Since the community has waited for months to get their hands on CDL merchandise, they bought these bundles fairly quickly.

But once players equipped the outfits, there was one noticeable problem. First captured by @cKorrupt on Twitter, it’s pretty easy to see what this issue is.

In the clip, the player wearing a Dallas Empire alternate outfit becomes invisible after being far enough away. While some thought this was limited to the Empire bundle, it turns out that any player who equips the Bale Operator and a CDL outfit triggers this glitch.

Infinity Ward has yet to comment on the matter, but we imagine they will swiftly resolve this issue. In a game mode like Ground War, this is a major, game-breaking problem.

Have you encountered the invisibility glitch? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage!