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Leaks are beginning to trickle in for Modern Warfare after a huge dry spell following the game’s release. Earlier in the week, we received news regarding the rumored battle royale mode that Infinity Ward was said to be developing. While that was pure speculation, we now have some concrete leaks from the in-game files. Apparently, images were added that indicate two fan-favorite game modes are coming to Modern Warfare. The icons for both One in the Chamber and All or Nothing are the images in question, but does that mean they’re arriving soon?

New party game modes in Modern Warfare?

Up to this point, the only real party game modes we’ve seen in Modern Warfare is Gun Game and Infected. Granted, one could argue Drop Zone is a party mode as well. Regardless, there’s been a huge craving for these types of game modes.

Infinity Ward is known for its creativity with party modes, as they introduced All or Nothing and a flurry of others in previous titles. Recent years have shown the developers aren’t as interested in these modes, but that could be changing soon, as leaker TheGamingRevolution shows us.


TheGamingRevolution is the community’s foremost authority when it comes to leaks. He’s been correct about a lot of information so far, though those were just leaks from sources. This time, he’s got file images that show One in the Chamber and All or Nothing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the two modes, One in the Chamber is played exactly like it sounds. You only have one bullet to kill an enemy. If you waste that bullet, you have to either knife an enemy or wait until the next round. All or Nothing is a free-for-all where players are equipped with a pistol and throwing knives. The mode blew up in Modern Warfare 3, becoming one of its most popular modes.

Given these two modes’ popularity, it’s safe to say the community would be behind their arrival. However, we might have to wait until Season Two and beyond to see them in-game.

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