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It seems Infinity Ward has another trick up its sleeve with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two update. After the patch went live and players downloaded the huge update, something caught some fans’ eyes. In the main menu of the game, a new tab has appeared alongside Campaign, Multiplayer, etc. Simply named “Classified,” this new tab is locked and doesn’t show any kind of image. Although, most fans are making the guess that this will eventually contain the leaked battle royale mode.

Battle royale confirmed for Modern Warfare?

Image credit: Prestige Is Key

For over half a year, we’ve heard rumors about a battle royale in Modern Warfare. Popular leaker TheGamingRevolution popularized these leaks with concrete information about the mode. However, since launch, Infinity Ward has said nothing about the mode.

This has led some to believe that battle royale doesn’t exist. Although, we’ve seen in-game leaks that suggest the mode is in the works and that Infinity Ward is just being silent regarding its development.

The new Classified tab may have put some of those doubters to bed. While nothing is confirmed, we did receive this small cinematic trailer with Season Two that is almost certainly teasing battle royale.

The third tab in the main menu is usually reserved for Zombies or Special Ops in traditional titles. However, last year with Black Ops 4, we received a fourth tab that was Blackout, the battle royale mode. This is most likely the case this year as well with Modern Warfare.

Battle royale itself doesn’t have many details. It’s rumored to be free to play and to have a massive player count, and the map is supposedly the Ground War maps and Special Ops maps jammed together.

The release date for battle royale is unknown, but perhaps we will hear something within the coming weeks. Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare news.