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With Season 5 just a day away, Call of Duty has released a new trailer for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. As per usual, the pre-launch trailer showcases some of the upcoming content that players can expect from the new season. In regards to Season 5, there appear to be significant changes to the Verdansk map in Warzone. In addition to that, Modern Warfare is receiving some new maps and weapons that match what we already knew. Let’s check out the trailer and see what you can expect when Season 5 arrives tomorrow.

New Warzone map and content

The multiple hints regarding map changes in Warzone seem to be coming to fruition. The trailer showcases the top of the Stadium being blown up, which was fully expected. Hopefully, this expands the variety of gameplay surrounding the huge structure. It’s unclear if the front doors of the Stadium will be opened, though.

However, that may not matter, as zip lines are being added in Season 5. We don’t know for sure where these zip lines, but players can expect them to be placed outside of large structures in Warzone. So, maybe rooftop campers will soon be able to be dealt with.

Finally, the long-awaited train is debuting in Season 5. Driving around the map, this train will hold some loot and give players another means of transportation.

Warzone map
Image via Call of Duty

Modern Warfare multiplayer additions

Of course, the bulk of content will arrive in Modern Warfare multiplayer. The Season 5 trailer showcased four new maps and two possible weapons. However, we don’t know when exactly each piece of new content will be available, as Activision splits the content up in two halves.

For multiplayer maps, we saw the following:

  • Suldal Harbor (6v6)
  • Petrov Oil Rig (6v6)
  • Verdansk Intl. Airport (Ground War)
  • Livestock (Gunfight)
Modern Warfare Season 5 maps
Image via Call of Duty

Each of these maps is official, as evident by the trailer. Although, what’s not official are the weapons arriving in Modern Warfare Season 5. According to official screenshots, the AN-94 and APC9 are arriving with Season 5. This wasn’t confirmed by the trailer, though, so we’ll have to wait for more information.

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