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Map voting has been a feature in most of the Call of Duty games over the last few years, allowing players to skip a map or choose a random map if none of the maps on offer are to their liking. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has done away with this feature for various reasons, and fans aren’t happy.

One of the reasons why map voting was removed is because the data showed that players would simply leave the lobby if the map they voted for didn’t get picked. Some players also complained that they’d get stuck playing the same popular maps over and over again because some people would always vote for them.

Despite the addition of new maps in Season 2, many players are still unhappy with the map selection in Modern Warfare. Some maps like Arklov Peak, Grazna Raid, and Euphrates Bridge have come under the most criticism for being large and open, making games slower and allowing players to be killed from far by unseen players. Some defend the new maps saying that they require more skill and make the gameplay more tactical instead of being more like “arena”-style shooters.

A Modern Warfare maps solution

One solution, proposed on Reddit, is to use the filter option that’s currently in the game. Filtering would allow players to only play maps they’re good at, which, granted, could amount to cheating. However, if there are players who only are able to enjoy Modern Warfare on certain maps, this would be a better solution than having players quit.

The current filter system allows players to search for a certain number of playlists such as Core or Hardcore and lets players decide their preferred game mode. If the system is tweaked, there’s a possibility that map voting could return in a different form. Whether map voting is available or not, players will still exit the lobby if they don’t get the map they want, so why not give them some choice in the matter?

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