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Fan-favorite kill streak, the Juggernaut, was added into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare upon release. The Juggernaut, which can be earned once a player goes on a 15-kill streak, is fun to use and highly destructive on the map.

Although many players express frustration surrounding difficulties killing Juggernauts, one player has discovered an easy way to do so. A clip posted to the Modern Warfare Reddit page shows the crossbow as the best weapon to combat these tanks.

The overpowered crossbow

In the clip, two players appear to be in a private match on Shipment. A player earns the Juggernaut killstreak, which is then called in and equipped. The enemy player climbs on top of a shipping container, leaving the Juggernaut on the ground. Then, the enemy player shoots one crossbow arrow at the Juggernaut; this leads to the Juggernaut dying instantly.

Juggernaut vs OP Crossbow NOT Even Fair from modernwarfare

Usually, Juggernauts take a lot of time, bullets, and explosives to destroy. However, crossbows have proven to counter them extremely well. In a patch update released on January 28, some changes were made to the crossbow. Before the update, players could shoot down Support Helos with three Thermite Bolts.

Following the update, it now takes six Thermite Bolts to take down a Support Helo and a Chopper Gunner. Also, it now takes five Thermite Bolts to destroy a VTOL jet. Currently, developers have not addressed the crossbow in relation to Juggernauts.

It may be frustrating for a player who has earned a Juggernaut to be instantly taken down by a crossbow. However, Modern Warfare fans have highlighted the benefits of this weapon elsewhere in the game. In the comments section of the clip, many players highlight that players should take advantage of this in Special Ops.

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