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Bullet penetration through certain objects is an element of many FPS games. This means players should take extra care when hiding behind objects. However, there are certain situations where wallbanging should not happen.

There are a variety of glitches that have been identified in Modern Warfare, such as the CDL skins causing players to appear invisible. A clip on the Modern Warfare Reddit page shows a mountain in Azhir Cave being penetrated, leading to the player’s death.

Azhir Cave wallbang spot

The video shows a player in a hardpoint game on Azhir Cave. As they make their way towards the hardpoint, they get shot, leading them to be in a weakened state. Understandably, the player proceeds to take cover to allow their health to regenerate. However, the player dies and they appear to get shot from behind.

This is until the player sees the killcam, where it becomes clear that an enemy shot them from the other side of the map. From the clip, it appears that the whole mountain is penetrable which can cause many problems, especially since Azhir Cave is in the CDL rotation.

Didn’t know you could wallbang a mountain from modernwarfare

Many players commented on the clip to express their frustrations. One Modern Warfare fan commented: “you know, I’ve been seeing some bullets go through some unusual walls lately. Maybe I’m overthinking it but I’ve been thinking wow, shots go through that!?”

Modern Warfare players also highlighted that they are unable to shoot through a piece of metal or through the air in a broken car window. It will be interesting to see if Modern Warfare developers respond and roll out a fix in a future update. In the future, players should be aware of this spot when playing on Azhir Cave.

Let us know if you have found any strange wallbang spots! To keep up with further Call of Duty coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports.