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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 released yesterday to mixed feelings from the community. Some enjoy the new stream of content while others feel Infinity Ward could have done more. Regardless, there’s more content in Modern Warfare now than there ever has been before. Included in this new content is the Season 1 Battle Pass, which costs $10 if you want the Premium version. However, alongside the Battle Pass is a new Item Shop. This is where players can browse daily cosmetics and purchase them with COD Points. Let’s take a look at how this Item Shop works in Modern Warfare Season 1.

Item Shop in Modern Warfare

Most in the community knew of the Battle Pass coming with Season 1. The addition of a $10 pass in a $60 game is a topic for another day, but featured in the Battle Pass are COD Points. In the past, COD Points have been a nightmare for the community, but now they’re not as predatory as you can earn them for free.

If you do purchase the Premium Battle Pass, you can earn up to 1,300 COD Points. This is the first time in Call of Duty where COD Points are earnable in-game. While you can save your points for next season, you can also spend them in the new Item Shop. Following the trend Fortnite set, the Item Shop is chock-full of varying cosmetic bundles.

There are three bundles in the Item Shop as of right now: The Huntsman, Nightstalker, and Fire Claw. Credit to CharlieIntel for the below images.

Modern Warfare Item shop
The Huntsman Bundle in the Modern Warfare Item Shop
Modern Warfare Item shop
The Nightstalker Bundle in the Modern Warfare Item Shop
Modern Warfare Item shop
The Fire Claw Bundle in the Modern Warfare Item Shop

While not under-priced, the bundles in the Item Shop seem to be good deals. For around $20, you can get up to nine different cosmetics, including weapon variants. However, the best part about this system is you are not required by any means to purchase the bundles. The variants are only cosmetic, so there’s no pay-to-win model as of right now.

Of course, it’s Activision, so anything can change in the coming months. With Black Ops 4, we were promised that weapons would be cosmetic and free to earn, but that changed within the first three months. Time will tell if Modern Warfare truly is different from its predecessors.

What are your opinions on the Item Shop? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.