Modern Warfare II will not feature destructible elements in multiplayer
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
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Modern Warfare II will not feature destructible elements in multiplayer

MWII will not copy Vanguard

One of the most controversial elements of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer are the destructible environments. There are no doors in Vanguard, to say the least, as players can destroy them with a few bullets or punches. Windows and other larger doors with wood planks over them can also be destroyed, as well. This is regarded as one of Vanguard’s most-disliked qualities, as it adds randomness to multiplayer that most players don’t enjoy. But in Modern Warfare II multiplayer, the developers at Infinity Ward are doing away with this feature.

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According to a Q&A session with the media, MWII multiplayer will not feature any destructible elements in multiplayer. The same can’t be said for the Campaign, but that makes sense for a single-player mode.

The developers didn’t reference that as the reason for scrapping the feature, though. Instead, they claimed they “can’t really afford it on a large scale across the map.” The devs explained that wear and tear will happen across surfaces during a match but nothing will be destroyed.

“You can punch through walls, everything like that. At the other end of the spectrum, if you have more of a purely–I don’t want to call it just cosmetic, but where you can’t shoot holes through the walls, things like that, you also end up with the challenge of visibility,” said co-studio head of Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelly. “Now you have variable backdrops. You have to do other things in terms of room lighting and fill and all these other things where you’re artificially representing things and characters in the environment.”

It seems that the visuals and stress on the game engine are the chief reasons Modern Warfare II will not have destructible elements. However, it could also be that Activision and Infinity Ward saw how it played out and was received in Vanguard. Either way, it’s safe to assume most fans are happy with the change.

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