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As the Modern Warfare release draws nearer, developer Infinity Ward is beginning to make its final preparations for launch. This includes ensuring the release-day version of the game is ready to go and also making sure their servers aren’t overloaded. Call of Duty has had problems with these issues in the past, namely with WWII. However, Infinity Ward seems to have things under control, as they already released 60 GB worth of downloads.

As of today, though, Modern Warfare received its first update, version 1.02. This is a 13 GB download and can be downloaded if you have pre-ordered the game digitally. However, this update also looks like it’s letting players with early copies of Modern Warfare access the full game.


Play Modern Warfare two days early?

Earlier in the week, we reported that downloads were going out for digital pre-orders. This download is a large chunk of the game, coming in at about 60 GB. Infinity Ward does this to ensure that players have enough time before release to download the whole game.

However, with today’s 13 GB update, the flood gates seem to have opened. Every year, Call of Duty developers wait to allow access to the full game. This protects the game from being accessed by those who have obtained early copies. The developers usually wait until the day before to allow these early copyholders access.

This year, though, it looks like Infinity Ward isn’t waiting around. According to reports, players with early copies of Modern Warfare can access the full game. These players seem able to play all three modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Spec Ops. That said, it doesn’t mean they can play any online matches – that’s an entirely different process.


For the rest of us, this means that we can expect a flurry of leaks to start floating in. If you want to avoid any leaks regarding multiplayer or the campaign story, we would suggest staying away from social media for the next two days. Many players in the community aren’t great at keeping secrets.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated with any further developments on Modern Warfare here at Daily Esports.