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Not only did today’s 1.09 update give us various bug fixes and new content, but it gives us an insight into the future of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Whenever an update is released, there are files added to the game’s files. Dataminers then go into the PC files and search for new content. We already saw today that two fan-favorite maps could be returning soon to Modern Warfare. In addition to the maps, we also received a leaked image of what could be the upcoming Battle Pass icon.

Battle Pass image appears after 1.09 update

We’ve known for some time that a Battle Pass will be how content is delivered in Modern Warfare. However, we’ve seen or heard nothing regarding what the Battle Pass will look like or when it will launch. But below could be our first look at Modern Warfare‘s Battle Pass. Community leaker and YouTuber TheGamingRevolution shows us what this Battle Pass image looks like.

Modern Warfare Battle Pass
The leaked image of Modern Warfare‘s Battle Pass

This image is most likely from the opening cut scene that will display the Battle Pass in its entirety. Similar to how Fortnite does its Battle Pass showcase, Modern Warfare will presumably take a similar approach.

We can see the roman numeral “I” in the image, signifying this could be from the first season of Modern Warfare. It could also be the first tier image from the Battle Pass. There will likely be a total of at least 100 tiers available to earn in the Battle Pass.

We currently have no information regarding when the Battle Pass and subsequent season will launch in Modern Warfare. However, it’s presumed that it will arrive in early-to-mid-December at the latest. Perhaps with update 1.10, we will see the introduction of the Battle Pass.

What are your thoughts on the Battle Pass? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.