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Since the PC beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer went live, there have been a plethora of new details leaked. Data miners and even regular players were able to get into various areas of the game that were not supposed to be accessible. While data miners were digging around in the game files, other players were trying to get into the private match tab of Modern Warfare 2. This is where players can create their own lobby with their own custom rules, and many players are often interested in what settings are available to them. Luckily, one player was able to get into a private match, and they shared everything they saw.

Private match settings revealed for Modern Warfare 2

The player who managed to access the private match tab, or custom games as it’s also known, in MW2 is @ExplicitPlay. It’s unclear how they managed to do so, but they did provide proof of their access in the form of a screenshot.

ExplicitPlay shared the “Team” tab of Custom Games, which shows off a number of interesting settings. However, the one that many fans will find interesting is “Weapon Pings on Mini-Map,” which can be enabled or disabled; this means that players can turn on red dots for the mini-map if they want to in custom games. This also means developer Infinity Ward has the ability to do this in public matches, but so far, has been reluctant to do so despite community feedback from the beta.

Aside from the mini-map pings, there are also a number of interesting settings that relate to competitive play. @IntelCDL managed to see the Private Match settings as well, and they posted everything they saw that would relate to competitive.

According to CDL Intel, there are dedicated servers for custom games, as well as the ability to turn off the overhead spawn camera, weapon mounting, and silent plant/defuse. These are all great settings to have since they allow private matches to be more competitive and in line with previous Call of Duty League rules.

It’s unclear if these settings will change before MW2’s official launch on Oct. 28.

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