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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features a plethora of maps and modes in its multiplayer. However, a majority of the modes belong to the core 6v6 gameplay loop that has become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. The rest of the modes are in their own category within multiplayer. In Modern Warfare 2019, this category was named “Ground War,” and it has returned in Modern Warfare 2.

For players that were around in MW2019, then you’ll know all about Ground War and how it works. Newer players might need a crash course of sorts to fully understand the mode and its intricacies. Although, there is a new wrinkle in Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War that even veterans of the COD franchise will need to learn about as well. We explain everything in more detail below.

Ground War in Modern Warfare 2

To start off, there are technically two different types of Ground War modes in MW2. We’ll go over both of them, as there are some fairly large differences that will play a role in whether or not players want to hop into either one.

Ground War

The first mode is simply called Ground War, and it’s the exact same as it was in MW2019. This is the large-scale mode that pits 32 players on one team against another team of 32 players in a big game of Domination. The ultimate goal of Ground War is to hold a majority of the five flags that are located on large-scale maps. There are flags from A-E, and they take longer than normal to capture, which requires you to hold them down for an extended period of time. Once your team has control of a flag, you’ll begin earning points. The more flags you hold, the more points your team earns. The first team to 250 points wins the game.

In MW2, there are five Ground War-specific maps that players can experience. Some of these maps are simply bigger versions of 6v6 maps while others are areas of the Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah. In Ground War, players can drive around in four distinct vehicles, which are initially found in the base of either team’s spawn area.


One of the Ground War maps in Modern Warfare 2. | Provided by Activision

The second mode is called Invasion, and this is a new branched-off version of the Ground War experience. In Invasion, there are slightly smaller teams, 20 on each side. However, the twist in Invasion is that each team has several A.I. players on that will drop onto the map throughout the course of a match. As the match goes on, these A.I. soldiers get stronger and stronger. They’re eventually kitted out with armor and helmets and players must shoot several bullets at them to take them down.

Invasion differs from Ground War in that it’s essentially big-team Team Deathmatch instead of Domination. Players earn points by simply killing enemies. Although, the scoring is changed from regular TDM. If players kill an actual player, they earn five points. If players kill an A.I., they only earn one point. The first team to 2,000 points wins.

The maps for Invasion are similar to Ground War, although there are a couple of Invasion-specific maps that players can play on. In total, there are also five Invasion maps.

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