Modern Warfare 2 could have VR support according to leak
Modern Warfare 2 VR
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Modern Warfare 2 could have VR support according to leak

Is VR on the way to COD?

Last week, Activision dropped more information for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 than ever before, showing off screenshots of different Operators coming to the game along with small portions of a map. However, according to a leak from the PlayStation Store, it seems like Activision was sitting on a key feature for the new title: VR support.

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As of right now, while there’s nothing concrete about the possibility of VR in Modern Warfare 2, one data-miner reportedly dug into the files of the PlayStation Store listing for the game and discovered a health and safety notice for a VR headset. This doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, but it’s interesting that the notice appeared in the files of the PS Store. The data-miner that discovered the notice said they didn’t appear in other listings on the PS Store.

Fans then started to guess that Modern Warfare 2 could be usable with PlayStation VR technology. Sony and Activision have an exclusivity deal in place regarding Call of Duty, so perhaps this could apply to VR as well. This would leave fans with an Occulus VR headset, for example, unable to experience VR in MWII.

Call of Duty has never truly experimented with VR aside from in 2016, with Infinite Warfare’s Jackal Assault. The experience was more of a one-off thing that never led to anything bigger.

It’s unclear when Activision might reveal their potential VR plans for Modern Warfare 2, but there’s also a rumored PS State of Play event happening during the summer. Fans will simply have to wait for more information before we can confirm or deny the existence of VR in MWII.

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