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The highly anticipated 1.13 update to Modern Warfare includes a crossbow, a playlist update, and five extra loadout slots. Unfortunately for some players, it also included an error message upon launching the game. The error message states the player’s game data is corrupt or did not download properly. It further indicates that ranks and unlocks must be reset to access the game and offers a ‘yes’/’no’ prompt. Currently, this bug is impacting players across all platforms.

Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has confirmed the existence of the issue, posting about the bug on Twitter. In their tweet, Infinity Ward discouraged affected players from engaging with the prompt at all. Instead, until a solution is found, it is suggested those encountering the bug hard close the application.

Infinity Ward responds to 1.13 update issue

Infinity Ward has been swift in their public response to the bug. On Reddit, Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams replied to a thread on the issue, asking for Activision IDs of anyone affected. Less than an hour later, the company Twitter account alerted players to the bug with the advisement not to interact with the prompt. They posted again soon after, stating the team was still looking into the issue, but offering no indication of cause or resolution.

Some players who interacted with the prompt reported back in the Reddit thread. Those who selected ‘no’ said the game fails to load, as might be expected. A few players who selected ‘yes’ claim to have not lost progression, only game records and customized classes. It may seem like an acceptable loss to get in on the 1.13 update, but it’s one players take at their own peril. There may be additional, unseen consequences, either now or when Infinity Ward issues a fix.

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