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Modern Horizons announced for Magic: The Gathering

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Today on the show WeeklyMTG, a brand new Magic: The Gathering product was announced: Modern Horizons. It will be an Innovation set, similar to Conspiracy or Battlebond. This effectively means that the product is its own thing, does not enter Standard, and is made to work well in a limited context.

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The idea for this product came from what MTG employees call an Innovation Jam, a week at Wizards of the Coast where everything is put on hold to allow employees to come up with new, innovative ideas. The idea for Modern Horizons has many Wizards of the Coast employees excited, including the lead designer Mark Rosewater, as we’ve covered. So what is it?

Modern Horizons Details

This new product is named Modern Horizons. It will be a set that completely skips Standard and puts cards directly into Modern. This is a first and allows Wizards to print and reprint cards that would be fine in Modern but far too powerful in Standard. The set will have brand new, never-before-seen cards as well as many reprints that will bring Legacy cards into Modern. Every card will be new to Modern.

Modern Horizons is made with the idea of being a draftable booster set and will release June 14. Additionally, there will be pre-release events on June 8 and 9. Horizons is a full-size set at 254 cards and it will have a Buy-a-Box Promotional card that will be a reprint of a new-to-Modern card from Legacy legal sets.

This set is coming to Magic Online as well, with boosters selling for $6.99.

New Card Spoilers!

With this new set so far away, WotC thought it would be nice to tease us and show two early spoiler cards. Here they are: Cabal Therapist and Serra the Benevolent!

New modern product, modern Horizons, cabal therapist
Cabal Therapist
New modern product, Modern horizons, new modern cards, serra planeswalker
Serra the benevolent

Shaking up Modern

This set is going to shake up Modern beyond anything we’ve seen before. I, for one, am absolutely excited and pumped. As a Modern and Legacy player, these new cards have got my deck-building ideas going. Here’s a quick summary of the announcement:

Modern Horizons announced
Modern Horizons announcement summary