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In a tweet on his personal Twitter, Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez expressed his annoyance with the casting at MSI. The League of Legends player pointed out that the casters shouldn’t pretend they are 100% familiar with something they clearly aren’t.

He continued by saying that the casters should straight up let the viewers know if they aren’t familiar with certain game-related subjects. Mithy goes on to say that the casters aren’t expected to know everything, but they also shouldn’t act like they do. Additionally, he noted that the Spanish casters do a good job of disclosing their unfamiliarities. He finishes the post saying this makes him love listening to them.

Paul “Soaz” Boyer, top laner for Misfits Gaming, replied with a short though of his own. He wrote he is always leveraging having the stream sound on or off during broadcasts. Unsurprisingly, their controversial tweets started a discussion between them, the casters, and the general public.

The casters’ response

Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, one of the casters at MSI, shared his opinion on the topic. Both on Twitter and Reddit, Quickshot commented that he is always open to criticism and feedback. He added that the players can reach out to him or other casters at any time to discuss such matters. Furthermore, he said the players’ tweets weren’t specific enough to dive deeper into it and appealed to the players to reach out to him and continue the debate.

The match in question

Mithy’s tweet was specifically referring to the recent MSI match between G2 Esports and SKT. G2 opted for a Pyke in the top lane, which at first glance seemed like a fairly odd pick. The casters weren’t quite sure what this pick was about but haven’t disclosed their unfamiliarity on the broadcast. After a rough start to the game, the Pyke popped off, finishing the game with 11 kills. The tweet probably wasn’t directed at a specific caster, but speculations suggest it might have been geared towards Indiana “Froskurinn” Black. She expressed her doubts about the Pyke pick and G2 drafting in general. While her comment can be seen as a joke, it’s up for everyone’s personal interpretation.

Do you agree with mithy on the casting at this year’s MSI? Let us know in the comments below!

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