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It’s spoiler season for Legends of Runeterra, and the new region of Bilgewater is bringing the big guns. Miss Fortune, League of Legends‘ infamous scourge of the seas, is the newest champion to join the roster. Earlier today, she received a Twitter reveal and video spotlight by Riot Games.

Fortune doesn’t favor fools

Bilgewater loves a good fight, and Miss Fortune is another aggressive, low to the ground threat. At base, she is a 3-cost 3/3 unit that deals 1 damage to battling enemies and the enemy nexus when allies attack. This continues the pattern of Bilgewater having plenty of damage-based removal. She’s a great cost for her stats and only gets better when she transforms.

Miss Fortunate levels up once she’s seen you attack 4 times. When leveled up, she becomes a 3-cost 4/4 with Overwhelm. When she attacks, she deals 1 damage three separate times to all battling enemies and the enemy nexus. Both versions combine excellently with Gangplank and other Powder Keg sources. Her signature spell is Double Up, a 6-mana fast spell that deals 2 damage to a unit. Plus, if that unit dies, it also deals 4 damage to the enemy nexus.

These effects mean opponents of Bilgewater decks always have to worry about Miss Fortune arriving on turn 3 to blast through their defensive line of small creatures.

Similarly salty sailors & The Syren

The official Legends of Runeterra Twitter published four Miss Fortune-themed cards alongside the iconic bounty hunter. Crackshot Corsair is a cheap creature that, just like Miss Fortune, deals light damage when allies attack. Stacking this with Miss Fortune and similar effects will devastate your opponents’ board states. Prowling Cutthroat is another fragile, quick creature to help enable cards like Crackshot Corsair and Miss Fortune.

The Syren is Miss Fortune’s feared vessel, and it lives up to the reputation in Legends of Runeterra. The Syren will turn all of your pinging pirates into a devastating barrage of damage. Finally, Make it Rain, named after Miss Fortune’s ability from League of Legends, is another ‘wide but weak’ removal spell that combines well with similar effects.

As Legends of Runeterra heads for full launch on April 30, stay tuned to Daily Esports for the latest updates and spoilers.