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In a surprisingly short series, Misfits Premier were able to overcome MAD Lions to advance to the 2019 EU Masters Spring finals for League of Legends. The team showed a mixture of great teamwork and superior map play, as well as outstanding individual performances. However, the match wasn’t as competitive as it could have been. This was due to MAD Lions’ top laner not being able to acquire a viable Visa for the tournament. As such, their substitute jungler had to play instead of their usual top laner, which was an obvious handicap.

Either way, let’s take a look at how the rabbits secured their finals spot!

Game 1

Misfits were able to take the early lead, even though MAD secured first blood. An early fight for the Ocean Dragon resulted in Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík picking up two kills on the Caitlyn. They were able to snowball their lead, as it resulted in first tower and the Lions just not being able to match them. Using the 1-3-1 pushing strategy, Misfits held on to their lead for the entire game. After a few more victorious team fights, they were able to close out the game in just under 25 minutes. Neon delivered a stellar performance on the Caitlyn, finishing the game with 9 kills and only a single death.

Game 2

MAD Lions were looking for revenge now, as the team seemed rather lost in game 1 of the series. A big surprise was them pitting Sejuani in the top lane against Misfits’ Vladimir. It started off well for them, though, as Sejuani was able to get first blood on Misfits’ support. However, Misfits were still the better team in the early game due to Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov’s dominance in the mid lane and Patrick “Obsess” Engelmann’s jungle presence. They were once again able to snowball their lead through the early game, picking up most major objectives. MAD fought hard, but LIDER and Neon were simply too strong.

Catching two Misfits members out in the enemy jungle did give a brief glimpse of hope to the Spaniards. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough, as they were unable to win any fights against Misfits. Slowly but surely, Misfits once again managed to win the game in a little over 24 minutes. Player of the game goes to LIDER, who had a perfect KDA on the Irelia with 12 kills and 4 assists.

Will the French be able to rise to the occasion and win it all? Do Misfits Premier have enough Gatorade to fuel their LIDER in the finals? Find out tomorrow as the League of Legends 2019 EU Masters Spring returns for the finals at 16.00 CET /  7 AM PST!

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