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At this rate, the Call of Duty League will look completely different in 2021. After several teams announced a complete overhaul of their rosters, the Minnesota Rokkr revealed they too have cleaned house. Not one member from the 2020 roster is staying aboard with the exception of head coach Brian “Saintt” Baroska. It seems the move to 4v4 has many organizations rattled, as few are sticking with their roster from 2020. The Rokkr now join the Ultra, Royal Ravens, Surge, and Guerrillas in search of almost an entirely new CDL squad.

Minnesota Rokkr move on for 2021 season

The Rokkr started out the Call of Duty League season as one of the better squads. The roster was stacked with former world champions and dominated other teams on LAN. However, then COVID-19 happened, and every CDL team was forced to play online.

This proved to be the downfall of the Rokkr, as they weren’t nearly as good online as they were on LAN. This is what makes the move to clean house relatively surprising; 2021 might see the return of LAN events but now we’ll never see what kind of potential the 2020 Rokkr roster had.

Instead, Minnesota decided to release the following players, making them unrestricted free agents.

  • GodRx
  • TTiny
  • Assault
  • Asim
  • Silly
  • Exceed
  • Alex

Even down to the substitutes, Minnesota left no stone unturned. However, the organization clearly feels it can acquire a better squad for the 2021 season. With the CDL moving to 4v4, the league will be even more competitive than before, so in order to compete, you need to have an insanely strong squad.

Still, releasing players like GodRx and Assault could come back to bite the Rokkr. If the organization doesn’t sign who they want in Free Agency, it’s hard to find players more talented than either GodRx, Assault, or even Silly.

If you’re a Call of Duty esports fan, you better buckle up. 2021 Rostermania is going to be a roller coaster of thrills when it starts on September 14.

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