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The new McLaren Shadow F1 Esports team is here

After McLaren running the “world’s fastest gamer” competition last year, they have launched their own esports team. The team, officially known as the “McLaren Shadow F1 Esports team,” will compete in this year’s F1 Esports Series. Here’s the driver line-up.

The team consists of Enzo Bonito, Bono Huis, and Olli Pahkala. Bonito competed in last year’s Formula E Visa Vegas eRace, taking fourth place. Huis is one of the top sim racers, taking the Formula E Visa Vegas title and five Formula Sim Racing Championship titles. Pahkala also competed in the Formula E race, taking third place.

These three hot-shot sim racers will work alongside Team Redline. Team Redline brings the fastest drivers in the world together. They are a sim racing team founded 18 years ago and have several esports titles, including a number of iRacing Championships.

As a team, they’ll debut at the F1 Esports Series this year. They’ll compete alongside the newly announced Mercedes F1 esports team.

F1 Esports Series

With both the McLaren and Mercedes teams announced, it looks like this year’s F1 Esports Series is set to be an epic battle. The series kicks off in October. Ferrari currently remain the only F1 team that doesn’t have a coinciding esports team. For more on the links between esports and motorsport, check out this article here. Stay tuned for updates from the F1 Esports Series.