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Call of Duty: Vanguard brings the usual ways to earn XP and customize various elements of the game. Weapon XP, camos, challenges and a Prestige system are all back in Vanguard. However, there’s also a new way to customize Vanguard Operators with mastery skins.

Operators are the characters that players choose from before matches. There are four classes of Operators, each with three characters that have a favorite weapon and their own set of challenges and skins. Players can advance each Operator to its max level to earn XP and unlock new skins for them. As a part of this system, players can also unlock mastery skins for each of the Operators.

Operator mastery skins in Vanguard

To begin this process, players will want to pick one specific class of Operators to try and level up. The four classes are Barbarian, Hellhounds, Sentinel and Shadow. Once players have selected a class of Operators, they need to hone in on one specific character within the class.

Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer operators
Some of the Operators in Vanguard multiplayer. | Provided by Activision

Players can then click on the character to see their challenges. There are 20 levels for each Operator and players can advance this level by completing challenges and using the Operator in Vanguard multiplayer. As players progress the Operator’s level, they’ll unlock new skins.

There are up to six skins for the Operators and most of the skins are standard for a character. However, the last two skins are considered mastery skins. To unlock the first of these skins, players simply need to reach level 20 for all Operators within a specific class. So, if players are focusing on the Sentinel class, they need to reach level 20 with Constanze Trude Muller, Arthur Kingsley and Padmavati Balan. This unlocks a gold skin for all three of these Operators.

If players want to unlock the final skin, which looks like Chrome and comes with a unique gas mask, they need to reach level 20 with all available Operators. That will certainly take some time but the end result is worth it, as the final mastery skin looks incredible for all of the Operators in Vanguard.