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Minnesota Røkkr player Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak called Vanguard’s Search and Destroy bug “laughable” after the latest patch changed who could hear audio cues for when the bomb is planted or defused.

The Jan. 31 patch flipped the audio cues for Search and Destroy. Players could hear when the bomb was being planted and defused before the patch, but now players planting or defusing cannot hear the sound cues while the players in the vicinity can. It is as if the person planting or defusing is deaf while everyone else in the game can still hear it.

The audio issues will likely not be fixed in time for the opening matches of the Call of Duty League season on Feb. 4.

“I think it’s quite laughable how this bug happened,” MajorManiak said. “There is clearly not proper testing. I think it changes the dynamic of [Search and Destroy] in a way and it’s a slight advantage for the team planting cause they can now hear around them when they’re planting or defusing.”

Sledgehammer responds to Search and Destroy bug

Another Minnesota Røkkr player posted about the bug on Twitter when it was first discovered in-game.

“I’m sure fixing these issues are a lot easier said than done,” Dillon “Attach” Price said  on Twitter, “I have hope they will find a fix soon.”

Sledgehammer Games have said that they are currently testing fixes for the issue. Hopefully they can issue a patch before the first Call of Duty League online matches stars on Feb. 4

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