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Luminosity Gaming has announced previous stand-ins to its Valorant roster: Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond and Kaleb “moose” Jayne. Alex “aproto” Protopapas, Brenden “stellar” McGrath and Brady “thief” Dever will also have their contracts extended.

YaBoiDre and moose have been stand-ins for Luminosity since the NSG X Complexity Invitational, which took place in early January. Since then, Luminosity has seen a dramatic improvement in its overall placements. The two players have made it to both closed qualifiers for the Valorant Champions Tour and defeated top-tier teams along the way.

Luminosity’s most notable performance was their win against Sentinels at the NSG Winter Championship in game five. They also knocked 100 Thieves down to the lower bracket of the closed qualifier. This allowed YaBoiDre to get revenge over his former team. Sentinels are currently ranked number one in North America and 100 Thieves are ranked fourth overall, according to The Spike GG. Despite their wins over top teams, Luminosity was unable to qualify for Masters at the last qualifier. They will have to play through yet another closed qualifier in a few weeks.

Moose and YaBoiDre finally find a home in Luminosity Gaming

YaBoiDre has bounced around between four different teams so far in his Valorant career. Highground was his first team. 100 Thieves then picked it up. After the Highground guys were replaced, they tried to regain under the Highground name but eventually dissolved in October of 2020. YaBoiDre then made his way onto beastcoast and struggled to perform at the level of other teams. After he was benched from beastcoast in January, he was picked up by Luminosity.

Moose originally came from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where he played with eUnited. He then joined Orgles5 as his entrance to the competitive Valorant scene. However, his time on Orgles5 was brief; after one tournament he was out. Moose sat a majority of 2020 on the sidelines for competitive Valorant before Luminosity Gaming picked him up in January alongside YaBoiDre.

[Disclosure: Luminosity Gaming is a subsidiary of Enthusiast Gaming, which owns and operates Daily Esports.]