Loverwatch: The Overwatch 2 dating simulator game explained
Loverwatch dating game
Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

Loverwatch: The Overwatch 2 dating simulator game explained

Yep, this isn't a joke, there is an Overwatch dating game

Alongside Valentine’s Day, the Overwatch 2 team have released a dating simulator game named Loverwatch, where fans can romance Genji or Mercy. While not too long, it is a full-blown game that fans can access from a specific website. Then, if fans link their accounts to the site, they can get in-game rewards for completing the game. So get ready to fall in love!

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Non-canon relationships with Overwatch characters

Loverwatch is spin-off and is non-canon to the Overwatch lore, as developers repeat a few times at the start of the game. It uses aspects of the characters that are accurate, such as Genji’s past and Mercy’s work. However, whatever happens in Loverwatch stays in Loverwatch, at least story-wise.

Mercy Loverwatch
Mercy, in Loverwatch. | Provided by Michael Czar.

The one thing that does track over is in-game rewards, with three in particular. Minor spoiler ahead, but there is a secret third romance option. Players get a hint of it partway through Genji’s path. It isn’t nearly as long as the other two and is only available after you go through both Genji and Mercy’s paths.

When you complete all three paths, you get three corresponding in-game rewards. Each one matches the hero that you romance, and you do need to redeem the rewards from inside the Loverwatch game at the main menu.

To connect your account, simply log in at the top right of the Loverwatch site.

Possible future updates

The game even hints early on that there could be additions to it as the events go on. With only two characters and runs only taking about 10 to 15 minutes each, you can easily beat Loverwatch and get all the rewards in a half hour.

However, it can turn into a bigger spin-off game in the Overwatch franchise with more content. While new content isn’t expected, the game itself says that there is a chance depending on its success that Loverwatch could grow into a more developed dating game.

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